Join the Item Level RFID Workgroup

We are an inter-industry group of the United States' leading retailers, suppliers, industry associations, academia and solutions providers, dedicated to quantifying the benefits of item-level RFID, and exploring how it can improve business processes along the retail value chain.

We foresee the evolution of global supply chain efficiency through the adoption of item-level, EPC-enabled RFID technology, which will foster innovation, improve business processes and enhance consumer experiences.

EPC-enabled RFID has quickly evolved from a technology worth piloting to one proven at the retail level, and throughout the supply chain. The numerous studies, pilots and production systems that have been executed over the past few years have consistently produced results.

Now is the time for us to find our voice as an industry, in order to raise awareness of—and respect for—the value of standards-driven RFID technology in the retail supply chain.

The Item Level RFID workgroup is open to members and affiliates interested in becoming involved in this exciting and strategic juncture in retail history.

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